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Late. Dr. Purnima Nadkarni

Founder | Trustee | | Gynaecologist | IVF Specialist

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About Nadkarni Medical Foundation

The Nadkarni Medical Foundation was started in 2008 by Dr. Kishore and Late Dr. Purnima Nadkarni, with an intention to serve rural masses in the field of Infertility. In 2012, Dr. Akshay Nadkarni added the Cancer screening Awareness initiative to this Foundation. The whole motive and objective of making the foundation is to have a platform to serve the needy getting cancer & infertility treatment.

The Foundation partners with corporate organizations, NGOs, health facilities, schools and religious organizations to reach out to the masses. Men, women and children in line with its core goals, through our commemoration of World Cancer Day, World Menstrual Hygiene Day, International Womens Day, International Cancer Survivors Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

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