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Cancer Awareness Session at Valsad

Event Report Dated : –  14th JUNE  2024 

Location :-  VALSAD                                               

 Time: –  08.00PM to 09.00PM                               

 Organized By : Aga Khan Health Board for India Local Board for Vapi-Sanjan presenting CANCER AWARENESS SESSION at VALSAD.

As per records since year 2000 Nadkarni group of Hospital’s are always organizing free health checkup camps to rural and urban people, to not only educate people but also to get help with best treatment. Even for Aga khan community this is the 3rd time camping is held for their unit. Awareness for cancer is as must as our busy lifestyle, cancer is something about unknown cause which suddenly happens & doesn’t gives time to even think. And  That is why Nadkarni’s Hospital & Nadkarni Medical Foundation always conducts free health check up camp for cancer awareness &  their core Message to the society is – Cancer is Curable”.

Our Director Dr. Aditi Nadkarni – (MBBS DE GERMANY , Obs & Gynec Infertility Specialist) has addressed about  very special topic is Gynec Oncology : Dr. Aditi Addresses that gynec oncology comes under different types of cancer in Gynec unit such as Breast , Vulva, Ovary, Endometrium, Cervix, etc. Any uneven itches , lumps, under skin moving lump, swelling, redness etc.. are primary  minimal signs or symptoms of can be detect cancer or uneven disease. Regular Gynec check-up or body check-ups can prevent early diagnosis & can be avoiden by Consultant/Self.  Also she has explained about particular self examination steps.

Dr. Pratik Agrawal – (Head & Neck Onco Surgeon) : Head  & Neck Oncology is the most trending or very common in todays life. Every second particular person is getting diagnosed of  carcinoma’s like checks , tongue, lower lip, upper lip, ulcerative mass under mouth, unhealing ulcers, etc.                 After Gynec cancer unit , Oral cancer unit is also rising the most.  But majority in oral cancer’s are being diagnosed with due to their chewing tobacco habit of  specialiy male’s even some female’s . On this cancer awareness camp there has been a request all , To stop tobacco from today.               Because  it will never give you a good life which you have currently.

Event Supported & Managed by Nadkarni’s 21st Century hospital’s & Nadkarni Medical Foundation

Gathering Participation – 55 Ppl.

Core Team of Camp:

Dr. Aditi Nadkarni – MBBS DE GERMANY , Obs & Gynec Infertility Specialist.

Dr. Pratik Agrawal – Head & Neck Onoclogist Surgeon.

Dr. Dinesh baldaniya – Gynecologist








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