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Empowering Health Awareness: Quality Gears Cancer Prevention Session – September 2023 Event

02nd September 2023
Location :- Quality gears, killa-pardi.
Session participants – 80+ staff members.
Supported by Nadkarni Medical Foundation

“Work is Workshop “
On the 02nd September 2023 evening, an Expert doctors team of 21st Century Hospital Organized awareness sessions for Staff and Blue Collars of Quality Gears on neglected but very important subjects about Cancer prevention among females and also Oral health by adopting good habits for males and females. We are really grateful to Nadkarni Medical Foundation for this support.
Nadkarni’s 21st century Team leaders ,

Dr. Soumya Nadkarni – MBBS , D.G.O. OBS – Gynec & Infertility specialist. Dr. soumya lead speaker for quality gears staff. She thought us how cancer can be self-detected in females such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer etc… making us understand that how to examine our self and the importance of early detection of cancer.

Dr. Zehan Irani – BDS, Dentist. Being a dental surgeon things are not only to perform a procedure but to also making patient understand that what are causes if any of procedure is delayed by patient specially in oral cancer, Similarly routine patient incase of route canal, extractions etc… procedures. Ill effects of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, or any other bad addictions.

Dr. Siddharth Nagsheth – Radiation Oncologist. “Light of hope” like same way radiotherapy is a light of hope for those patients who are battling with cancer and assuming to win their battle with radiation/radiotherapy session. At high doses, radiation therapy kills cancer cells or slows their growth by damaging their DNA. Cancer cells whose DNA is damaged beyond repair stop dividing or die. When the damaged cells die, they are broken down and removed by the body. Als, explained how to prevent cancer could be prevented with a healthy lifestyle eating nutritious food and how early detection could reduce the percentage of cancer risk

Team Quality Gears, Killa Pardi Mr Chetan Jayant Champaneri – Director Miss Dhruvi Chetan Champaneri – Finance Head Mr Bhumit Prakash Kapadia – HR Manager

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