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Independence Day 2023 Event: Cancer Awareness by TBZ with Nadkarni Medical Foundation

A cancer awareness discussion session was organized by TBZ Jewellery store on the occasion of 77th independence day of our country. Were, A small Guidance/tips / awareness done by our great team. From doing Cancer awareness to making women / men understand how to & what to do if you get diagnosed your self cancer detector.

An Gynec Lecture held by Dr. Aditi Nadkarni –  Director, Obstetrician & gynecologist fetal medicine & infertility specialist in 21st century hospital’s , valsad / vapi / killa-pardi. She aware of all the women about cervical cancer/breast cancer / ovarian tumors, uterine cancer etc. with their sign’s & syndromes.

About radiotherapy, Dr. Siddharth Nagsheth – a Radiation Oncologist held a lecture about advantages/disadvantages of taking radiation for cancer patient.

A very important & detailed lecture about oral cancer majorly discussed by Dr. Zehan Irani –  Facial Cosmetologist & Dental Surgeon. As a dental surgeon he has make us understand about oral / head & neck cancer can be very harmful by chewing unwanted foods which is not only effects your looks & health but all entire life.

The delight full session were discussing and spreading awareness about the “cancer is curable”.

Our Participants Team with their Speciality :-

 Dr. Julee Irani – Asst. Head & Neck Surgeon.

Dr. Pratik Agrawal – Asst. Head & Neck Surgeon.

Dr. Soumya Agarwal –  Gynecologist.

Dr. Shweta R –   Gynecologist

Mr. Babin Lawrence – Asst. Admin – NMF.

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