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Mega Medical Check-up Camp Supported by Nadkarni Medical Foundation

A huge welcome to Lion Leena Borse – “ Chief Guest”  &  Lion Santosh Dudhani – “ Guest of Honour”.

Here for today’s most important event was organized by the Lions Club of Sarigam, Bhilad associated & supported by the 21st Century Cancer Care Centre Managed By NMF, Mega Medical Check-up Camp.

Our Team Service Associates Doctors are:-

Oral cancer check-up                 – Dr. Zehan Irani, Dr. Julee Irani, Dr. Pratik Agrawal, & Team.

Women cancer check-up             – Dr. Aditi Nadkarni & Assistants.

Medical Health check-up              – Dr. Hiral Patel & Team

Physiotherapy check-up                 – Dr. Unnati M. Shah

We thank our 21st-century cancer center team for leading an amazing camp event.

“ A big Thank you “To the Lions club of Sarigam, Bhilad” for organizing such a great mega medical check-up camp and also for inviting us to be a part of this medical check-up camp. This camp has added to a great memorable moment for us as we glad to had worked with your Organisers. There is a great takeaway from this medical camp and this has been all possible because of you and your efforts.”

Special Thanks –                                                                                                                                                            

Lion Kanakraj Shah – President

Lion Naresh Shah – Secretory

Lion Jatin Shah – Treasurer

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