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Preggi Mommy

Nadkarni Medical Foundation every year conducts 2  30 days camps  for under privileged women/families in rural south Gujarat. Its a initiative to help the family to plan a baby, help family if IVF is required at discounted rates,educate women importance of menstrual hygiene, basic diet chart to be maintained for mother to be , drive for girl child educate council family and parents.


For the month of June 2021 our Team of doctors & IVF team headed by our most Senior Doctors

Dr Purnima Nadkarni

Dr Jigna Garasia Patel

Dr Aditi Nadkarni

Dr Vaibhav Nadkarni along with Surgeon Dr Akshay Nadkarni


Screened OPD Participants : 279 spread over 3 locations Killa Pardi, Valsad & Vapi,

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