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World Cancer Day 2022

Led by the theme “I Am and I Will”, an empowering call for the personal commitment that represents the power of our actions taken now to reduce the growing impact of cancer.

Nadkarni Family & the all hospital staff took the lead to spread awareness about creating awareness towards the importance of a healthy life style, ways one could early detect cancer with regular screening, and exercise to stay physically & mentally healthy.


Dr. Kishore Nadkarni General Surgeon

Gave his services/consultation free around 35 patients were benefited. Spoke about the importance of early screening & quieting tobacco, liquor or any other addictions.

Dr Aditi Nadkarni, Dr. Jigna G & Dr. Vaibhav Nadkarni Obstetrician | Gynaecologist

Spoke about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, motivated staff to have them self-examined, self-examination for women patients. Cervix cancer is curable & vaccinations are available. Would be conducting more camps to reach out to women in rural areas.

Patients spoke about their treatment experiences & survivors motivated fellow patients ‘not to give up” at 21St Century Cancer Care, Balitha, Vapi.

Tea & Snacks were provided to all Patients, by Fortune Galaxy Park & smile shine dental clinic. Sanitary pads were distributed by Lions Club Udwada to create hygiene awareness during menstrual days. Free Cancer Cap was organized. Information flyer to detect & fight cancer was distributed to all participants

Overall event created awareness, and motivated patients to encourage family, friends & neighbors to screen them self and be free from addictions causing cancer.

Selfie stands with the intention to create awareness about WOLRD CANCER CARE.

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