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Covid 2020 First Wave

Covid 2020  4th August 2020 – 28th Feb 2021

Number of Patients Treated: 448

Discounts Given (In Rupees): Rs.24,92,819.00

Nadkarni Medical Foundation played an important role in helping the masses of south Gujarat, by offering its 9-floor premises (AVEKSHA – 21st Century Radiation Centre, Balitha) to the government to cover up the shortage of beds, in the district of Valsad. Nadkarni Medical Foundation with the only purpose of serving society with a personal touch. The facility was made ready within 12 days from the date of order, which was one in its achievement.

We (NMF) in the term of 4th August 2020 – 28th Feb 2021 offered a 75-bedded complete Covid Care centre, bulk Oxygen tank, a team of 75 staff (including doctors, nurses, admin, ward staff) , an Ambulance to transport the needy patients, a dedicated dialysis machine for covid infected patients  & treating them with care round the clock. The Team was headed by Dr Prashant Ravaliya from Ahmedabad: treating around 448 patients in the first wave with a recovery percentage of 93.07%. With an overall discount of Rs.24,92,819/- 

Covid 2020  1st April2021 –  27th July 2021

Number of Patients Treated: 521

Discounts Given in Rupes : Rs.8,27,600/-

Coivd wave second was surprisingly tough for all & for us with a sudden out burst of patients in to the Nadkarni Medical Foundation ran  (AVEKSHA – 21st Century Radiation Centre, Balitha). We had to cater to the rising flow of patients over night. With the same dedication, determination, courage & will power to help every patient admitted. The  same team of staff out performed and saved lives, helping the people of Valsad and neighbouring regions of Maharashtra. Introduced High flow machine and 3 more ventilators seeing the need of the hour.

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